target marketing

Customization is the key when it comes to marketing programs. In our FREE Client Assessment & Marketing Plan, we identify and focus on the strengths of your firm and formulate a custom marketing program designed to reach your goals and fit within your budget. Every customer we work with has a unique story to tell and a unique set of clientele. No two programs are exactly alike. Our marketing strategies are designed to focus on Advance Planning, but will also resonate with near-need and at-need clients. The ultimate goal of all marketing is to educate the consumer about the value and services your firm provides.

Reporting Systems

Tracking sales is an important part of the development process. Cairn provides monthly customized reporting through Key Reports exclusively for our clients. We track multiple sales indicators and provides them in a reporting format that focuses on specific activity indicators. These indicators assist in managing the appropriate level of sales by counselor, location and organization.

direct marketing

fairs & trade shows

Community Engagement

Group Seminars

4th quarter plans

lunch & learns