At Cairn, we think of lead development in two stages—DEFEND and GROW. Every good strategy begins with DEFEND and focuses on retaining the families you have already served. Because even if your funeral home provides the most amazing services possible, there is no guarantee your families will return the next time they are in need. Here are some of the reasons families indicate why they pre-arrange*:


Previously Served Family (DEFEND)

  1. How well the family was served

  2. Owner was recognized and involved in the Community

  3. The first to ask the family to re-commit and Plan in Advance
  4. How well the family remained in the Funeral Home Network

New family (grow)

  1. Value and price

  2. Reputation in the community

  3. The first to ask the family to Plan in Advance

  4. Top of mind awareness

Note the reasons in bold. In both scenarios, the customer chose to pre-arrange with the Advance Planning Counselor, because they were the first person to ask the family to pre-arrange. This example illustrates the importance of telling your story first and making a conscious effort to ask for the opportunity to serve that family again.

*Based on Advance Planning Sales Surveys

Continuing Care Program™


Although the Funeral Home’s job is technically finished after the funeral or graveside service, the family continues to mourn their loved one and work through all of the emotional issues and financial decisions that come with the death of a family member.  There are many ways to show families how much they are supported after the death of a loved one. Our Continuing Care Program™ is a continuation of the services provided by the funeral home designed to assist families with practical matters immediately after the funeral or cremation services have taken place.

Customization is again a key component to this program. Cairn provides each client with a unique program that initiates the appropriate amount of contact with your families at the appropriate times, through the appropriate medium. Communication may be initiated through phone calls, letters, visits and even e-mail. 

Our completely customizable Continuing Care Program™ ensures that each and every family receives the immediate support that they need to embrace the healing process, while keeping families in your funeral home network.

lead management

There are hundreds of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) programs for every profession imaginable. Our focus is to increase your market share. We are experts in program development and consultative sales.  Because we have no intention of developing a CRM program that competes on a national level, Cairn has partnered with an industry leader in CRM. For a reasonable monthly fee, our partner can provide a turn-key fully functional CRM program specific to the funeral profession that will change your manual processes into more time for prospecting. This program is like having your own administrative assistant to remind you of letters to send out, phone calls to make and appointments to set. Regardless of whether you have one Advance Planner or an entire Advance Planning Department, this program will keep your planners on track and provide valuable reporting and insights. 

Contact us today if you have any questions or would like to setup a FREE consultative session on the right CRM program for you.


Pathways Newsletter Program

Pathways Newsletter Program

The Pathways Newsletter Program is a customer relationship tool consisting of four customizable quarterly newsletters with an optional survey.  By itself, this program is a simple and inexpensive way to keep in touch with your clients for almost an entire year after the death of their loved one. Coupled with an active Continuing Care Program, Pathways Newsletters will enhance your ability to encourage previously served customers to re-commit based on value and service.