Cairn is committed to helping each and every client achieve success.

Success is very much a subjective word. It is not our goal to define success for our clients. As a Trusted Advisor, we ask the focused questions that allow you to define your own success. We then provide you with the support and tools to be successful. 

Case study 1

A large funeral home and cemetery combination had experienced decreasing pre-need funeral sales over a three year period. Through Cairn’s assessment process, it was clear that the business model and marketing strategies of the firm were not in alignment with their sales goals. Upon the sales manager tendering her resignation, Cairn went to work on reviewing the existing management structure, commission structure as well as the appropriate use of Advance Planning products, sales goals, and personnel. Cairn identified and assisted in obtaining a new Sales Manager under an entirely new compensation structure that encouraged and rewarded positive growth. In addition, Cairn was instrumental in finding and hiring several additional Family Service Directors who are all integral players in the existing Family Service Team. Within the first two years, this firm realized an incremental increase in sales that exceeded 300%. Today, this firm has a healthy Advance Planning Department that is built on a sound business plan and strategic marketing.

Case Study 2

A mid-sized funeral home had a relatively passive program with part-time Advanced Planners who were producing less than optimal results. Cairn identified the obstacles with the program and began working with the owner to develop lead programs and marketing tools as a platform on which to build a true Advance Planning Program. After an unsuccessful span of time with a family friend as head of the Advance Planning Team, Cairn brought in an experienced counselor with proven abilities to work with families and assist them with their Advance Planning needs. 

Within a year, the firm’s pre-need funeral sales doubled and after hiring and training a Continuing Care Specialist, sales tripled from the original baseline sales. Families are being served as they have never been served before. This firm is now in the perfect position to gain market share and defend against competitors.

Case Study 3

A small firm recently purchased by a new owner identified that the future viability of the firm relied on a high level of service and value to their clientele as well as an outreach and educational component through Advance Planning. The owner asked for assistance from Cairn. The firm had limited resources and was not able to hire a full-time Advance Planner. Cairn recruited and placed the right counselor who worked three days per week at the firm and focused on Continuing Care, working the files and referrals from the walk-in traffic. The firm’s goals were to defend against competitors with limited resources. Cairn was able to provide the right fit to reach this firm’s goals. Future plans include group seminar programs and a Direct Mail Program.